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Concrete Network Countertops

It's well known by now that concrete has become a material that homeowners and designers are requesting and weaving into their homes, offices, retail outlets, restaurants, etc., in the most amazing ways.
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The Money Pit Budget Home Improvements

Kitchen countertops create bold decorating statements and become the feature point of the room. From basic to luxurious, changing just the top is a fairly simple kitchen remodeling idea that can be completed in a short time frame with tips from The Money Pit.
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Bob Villa Home Renovations and Remodeling

Along with all of the helpful information Bob Villa can give you on do it yourself projects, remodeling and planning, he also outlines how to choose and install all types of countertops whether they be in your kitchen or bathroom. He also includes the latest trends in remodeling so you can choose one that fits…
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This Old House Kitchen and Bathroom Countertop Guides

Kitchen and Bathroom countertop repairs or replacements can be simplified by utilizing This Old House to help you make decisions on the type of countertop to use, how to repair those you already have and how to add neat features such as a heated countertop.
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Lowes Kitchen Counter Buying Guides

Finding the perfect countertop for the most active room in your home can be a challenge. In addition to being durable and stain-resistant, the countertop you choose must be easy to clean and attractive. Lowes can give you the rundown on different types of countertops to help you choose the best surface for your kitchen.
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