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How to Polish Marble Countertops

Are your marble countertops looking dull, perhaps with light scratches in the surface? You can restore their gleam while removing light imperfections by polishing them. This is a DIY project with the right products, so you’ll save more than 50% of the cost of hiring a contractor and have the satisfaction of success. [caption id="attachment_1635"…
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How to Seal Granite Countertops

Granite countertops, like other natural stone countertop materials such as, marble, sandstone and slate are resistant to staining and easier to clean only when properly sealed. Choosing the Right Sealant is Essential The deeper into the surface of the material the sealer penetrates, the better it will resist stains, keep out bacteria and clean up with just…
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Express Countertops

We are a leading kitchen & bathroom countertop fabricator and installation service in Maryland. Come find guides that will help you learn about materials, designs, and making new countertops more affordable!
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Ceramica Design Italia

Ceramica Design Italia creates very exclusive ceramic glazed lava stone work surfaces that are a masterpiece of Italian artisan craftsmanship for daily use—beauty and art in the service of everyday life.
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Love To Know Kitchen Countertop Remodeling

Remodeling kitchen countertops can be an exercise in frustration. To help ease some of that frustration, Love to Know can help with making the right choices, measuring correcting and making sure your kitchen remodel looks like the dream kitchen you always wanted.
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