Countertops with an Urban Style

Small Urban Kitchen

Small Urban Kitchen

Many inner cities across the country are being revitalized by those who have long lived there as well as others moving in to take advantage of jobs, culture, social life and other perks of the community.

As this occurs, kitchen styles are changing. What countertops work well in remodeled homes, converted lofts and other urban residences?

Here are the top countertops for living in the city.

Concrete Countertops are Urbane and Smooth

Comparing a piece of sidewalk and a concrete countertop side by side, you might notice that they are both hard. But that’s where the similarities end. Concrete used for countertops is highly polished to give it a wonderful sheen. It is often tinted – and the color spectrum of tints is very broad. Acid-stained concrete exudes a look not unlike natural stone but without most of the durability issues of granite or sandstone.

If you’re looking for greater creativity, concrete counters can be jazzed up with whole tiles, pieces of tile or glass and other objects embedded in them. Subway tiles have a very urban look, so they are a top choice for making a border around or a backsplash to countertops made from concrete.

Tile Countertops Reflect the City

We noted subway tiles above. You’ll find them used in a variety of ways in most cities. They produce a retro look that harks back to the heyday of many of today’s great cities.

Other sizes and shapes can also be used to accentuate hip, cultured decor in your kitchen. A full-wall backsplash behind the sink or below the upper cabinets will produce a seamless, finely-styled design motif.

Recycled Glass Countertops Capture the Spirit of the City

Repurposing what was once thought to be forgotten or wasted is a major theme in today’s renewed living spaces. Recycled countertops are an ideal choice. This ecofriendly building material is used to produce many stunning looks.

Pre-consumer and post-consumer glass is used in recycled counters. The glass is crushed and then embedded in a clear or pigmented acrylic resin. The results can be breathtaking. The surfaces are more durable than solid glass, and they are easy to clean.

If you want to explore the next level of recycled glass countertops, consider backlighting them with LED lighting in white or your favorite colors. The light gives extra life to the glass and creates a very chic ambiance.

Are you remodeling a home in the city or loft in a converted warehouse? If you’re looking for great countertops that fit the spirit of today’s urban centers, concrete, tile and glass are a great place to begin your search.

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