How to Clean Countertops: Your Cleaning Guide for 7 Popular Surface Materials

 Cleaning Countertop SurfacesAre you looking for a quick guide on how to clean countertops so that they always look and perform their best?

Cleaning methods for different types of counters are just as varied as the materials themselves, so knowing what to use can be a bit tricky.

That's why we have put together this list of popular countertop materials and what you need to do in order to get them clean and keep them that way.

While most countertops can be cleaned using simple household cleaners, and oftentimes, just a bit of soap and water, however there are lots of great products out there which can make your life easier, and extend the life and beauty of your granite countertops or other natural stone countertops.

Cleaning Solid Surface Countertops

The versatility and durability of solid surface countertops makes them popular with many
homeowners, and the fact that they are low maintenance is another popular characteristic.

When your solid surface counters have stains, cleaning requires a damp cloth for some
stains and a mild mix of soap and water for more stubborn stains.

Cleaning Engineered Stone (Quartz) Countertops

Quartz countertops, also known as engineered stone, are made from stain–resistant
polymers that are easy to clean with a damp cloth or paper towel. Even so, it's worth
noting that stains on these surfaces should be wiped up as quickly as possible so that they
don't dry on the surface.

For more persistent stains, your cleaning method needs to involve a non-abrasive
cleaning pad and glass cleaner.

Cleaning Natural Stone Countertops

If you're wondering how to clean granite countertops and others made from natural stone;
that is, stone like marble and soapstone, then it's important to know that you want to
avoid cleaning chemicals at all costs, except those specifically designed for your countertops.

Water and a mild application of dishwashing detergent will often lift stains from natural
stone surfaces and restore the looks of your countertops. With natural stone, you may
experience dirt collecting in the crevasses. When that happens, you can clean them with a
soft bristled brush or a clean toothbrush and the same solution of water and dish soap.

Depending on the type of solid countertop you have, you there are different products out there.

One product the editors of recommend from personal use is EasyOxy.

Cleaning Laminate Countertops

When you need to clean a laminate countertop, do soft using a soft sponge and a rag.
Rough cleaning tools, like steel wool or a scraper, might leave permanent scratches
across the surface.

For stains, mix baking soda and water into a paste and apply it to the stain. After the
solution sits for a few minutes, you can wipe it up and rinse the area with water for a
restored laminate surface.

Cleaning Glass Countertops

Glass counters have been gaining popularity lately for their attractiveness and the unique
look they can bring to a kitchen. You can keep those counters looking their best by using
glass cleaners on a regular basis to keep dirt and grim from compiling.

For spills and stains, a paper towel dipped in soap ant water will often fix the problem
and keep your glass counters looking their best.

Cleaning Stainless Steel Countertops

 When you need to know how to clean countertops made from stainless steel, know that
water is one of the material's worst enemies if it sits. When left long enough, it can leave
spots on the surface.

When you want to clean these kinds of counters, do so using stainless steel cleaners that
are designed to remove things like smudges. Household cleaners like soap can be used,
but have to be rinsed away with water. As stated, that water can damaged the metal if left
long enough, so it may be better to use a specially formulated stainless steel cleaner.

Cleaning Wood Countertops

Wood countertops are good for creating a classic look, and you can maintain that look by
taking the right steps to protect the material.

More important than anything else, knowing how to clean countertops made of wood
means not letting water sit on the counter for too long, because it will seep in. When
you need to clean the surface, use a sponge and spray a dedicated wood cleaner onto the
sponge rather than the actual surface. Avoid using bleach and abrasive cleaners, as they
will damage the wood.

If you rinse the countertop, make sure the water is wiped up immediately and thoroughly.

We Hope You Enjoyed Our Guide to Cleaning Countertops

Using the tips mentioned above on how to clean countertops, you can make sure your
kitchen and bathroom always looks its best no matter what kind of countertop material
you have.

Regardless of the look you want for your kitchen or bathroom, there is a countertop
material out there for you. These tips on how to clean countertops will make sure you get
the most out of those choices.

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