Is Recycled Glass Countertop Installation a DIY Project or Should You Hire a Professional?

Exotic Recycled Glass

Exotic Recycled Glass

The installation of a recycled glass countertop begins with the choice of site. In a new home, the countertop will either be manufactured to the builder's specifications, or the room will be constructed with the dimensions of the countertop in mind. In the case of a remodel, the first step will be to remove the existing countertop. Kitchen countertops are sturdy devices that are often meant to last the lifetime of the house. They can be tricky to uninstall, especially if previous workers left surprises for you. Always make sure to measure the area precisely; not only where the counter needs to go, but the path that the counter must take to be brought into the house. Accurate measurement of the counter installation area is essential, since many recycled glass countertops are made to the precise specifications you give the manufacturer. In most cases you will not need design permits to for a diy countertop installation, but if you are part of a homeowners association you should check to make sure recycled glass suits their standards.

Recycled glass countertops are not just installed, but fabricated. Since they are an entirely manufactured material, they may be created in any shape or thickness desired. In many instances your countertop will be created to your exact requirements. If that is the case, extremely precise measurement is your best ally. Be sure to check that you can move the completed countertop into position. Cutting recycled glass countertops is difficult and requires special saws and extra care. Thorough breathing protection is absolutely essential. The countertop must also be polished, if cut, and sealed, if manufactured with a concrete matrix. Though recycled glass is extremely durable and strong once in place, if it is dropped during installation it can crack or chip.

Now that you know how to install a recycled glass countertop, all but the most experienced handymen will probably agree that a professional can be of great assistance. If you possess the ability to measure the area perfectly, understand the manufacturer well enough to order accurately, and have available all the tools that you will need to install and seal the countertop, the chances are pretty good that you are a contractor yourself. Do it yourself mistakes can be expensive and unsightly, and sometimes even make the countertop less safe. Installation of a recycled glass countertop is a project recommended for a professional contractor.

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