Are Marble Countertops Trending Again?

Marble was a fashionable material for countertops in the first half of the 20th century. Then, it lost favor as cheap laminate and other manmade materials became popular. Well, marble is back in a big way, and it offers an exciting option for use in the kitchen and bathroom. Here are the reasons for the renewed popularity of marble kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Marble Offers Unique Elegance

Marble is the material of choice when a touch of refinement and distinction is desired. Marble counters offer a natural, luxurious appearance no other material can offer, with the possible exception of its sister-material, granite.

You’ve Got an Exciting Range of Options

Marble is available in a wide spectrum of colors. White marble countertops show very little color, though many have appealing swirls and veins of off-white, rose or gray. The base color for marble can also be off-white, gray, rose, light green and other hues. The veining and speckling includes whites, grays, roses, greens, blues, reds, blacks and

White Marble Countertops

White Marble Countertop Used For Kitchen Island
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more. Due to the wide variety, every marble countertop is a one-of-a-kind creation.

With the variability in appearance and character they present, you’ll enjoy shopping for marble kitchen or bathroom counters that help you achieve your design scheme while blending with the other bathroom or kitchen remodeling components.

Marble Countertops Make Great Accents

If you find that doing the entire kitchen in marble costs more than you want to spend, you’ve got other options. A marble countertop on an island can be a dramatic complement to more affordable wood, laminate or solid surface countertops. It can also be used on a wet bar, around a prep sink or anywhere else it would deliver a distinctively gorgeous accent.

They are Easy to Clean when Properly Sealed

Having the countertops sealed correctly is vitally important. When they are sealed according to the manufacturer’s specifications, they resist staining from juice, wine, oil, nail polish and polish remover. They won’t harbor bacteria in the pores of the marble and can be cleaned up with mild soap and warm water.  Marble, being a a softer stone sometimes takes a bit more TLC than other properly cared for surfaces.  If you already have marble, but hadn't properly sealed and cared for it in the past, don't fret!  It may be possible to restore it to it's former glory using the right products.  One of our favorites is the dia-glow kit; it gives you everything you need to clean, seal, and polish your marble with easy-t0-follow instructions.

Because of the importance of sealing them properly, it makes sense to have your marble countertop installation done by an experienced, skilled professional. Have the countertops sealed as required through the years, and they’ll give you decades of attractive, durable service.  While there are many professionals who can help you to seal your countertops periodically, it is fortunately a fairly straightforward process, and can be a great do-it-yourself project.


Marble is being mined from more places than ever, and this means your options for color and variety have never been better. If you want to craft an elegant, upmarket look in your home, marble countertops are an ideal choice.


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