Quartz Countertop Cost Comparison and Installation Prices

Quartz countertops are a durable and versatile choice for any kitchen or bathroom.

Manufactured from real quartz crystal suspended in a matrix of resin, quartz, or "engineered stone,"

White Quartz Countertop

White Quartz Countertop

looks just like real stone. Unlike real stone, though, it is available in any shape or size imaginable, and in almost any color that can be named. It has all the durability and resistance to wear and tear that is associated with solid stone, but since it can be created in any form it is no trouble to mold backsplashes or sink basins out of the quartz material. It can truly be a stunning addition to a home. In this guide we will look at ways that quartz countertops can fit into your budget.

Quartz countertops are affordable and functional. It's easy to find quotes from local contractors or online. Since the quartz will often be fabricated from scratch to the precise specifications you need, ordering online is very logical and easy. Engineered stone like quartz is comparable in price to natural stone countertops, and will cost about $50 or more per square foot. Unlike natural stone it is available in any color you can imagine and can be shaped to include backsplashes or other features. There is no shape that quartz cannot be fabricated in. It can be expensive to ship large distances, though, because of its weight.

Installation of a quartz countertop is often straightforward and free of hidden charges.. However, it may become more expensive in more complicated circumstances. An ideal installation would start with a professional contractor's estimate. After exact measurement the countertop will be built in the shape required, and then the kitchen or bathroom will be prepared for the installation. If the stone is the wrong size and needs to be cut, or if the installation area is difficult to access, the price may increase. Engineered stone must be cut with the special tools like a wet saw and then polished properly. It is much better to do this outside, before it is installed. Because of the weight of the stone, quartz can be much more difficult to get into place when the construction workers have to climb stairs to get to the installation site. These drawbacks are few, and many of them are not unique to quartz construction. The durability, versatility, and beauty of quartz make it the perfect match for most modern homeowners.

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