Resin Countertop Concepts for Kitchen and Bath


Clear Resin Countertops

Cool Clear Resin Countertops

Resin is a man-made material that offers wide use in kitchen and bath countertops. The material is very durable and can be tinted to produce a wide array of attractive colors. Other materials can be embedded in the resin too.

The toughest and most durable are epoxy resin, the same material that is used in countertops for laboratories and other commercial settings. Acrylic and polyester resin countertops are also produced. Acrylic is considered better quality than polyester, since polyester can be scratched more easily and is less heat resistant.  It is, however, more affordable. Every resin countertop is non-porous, making it easy to clean.

This overview of resin countertop concepts for kitchen and bath will help you decide if resin might be the right material for your home.

Solid Resin Countertops

These are the most popular type of resin countertop. Also known as solid surface countertops, the most familiar manufacturers include Corian and Soapstone, both made from acrylic resin and useful in both the kitchen and bath.

Solid resin countertops come in more than 100 colors and patterns. Most are opaque, but now some are being produced with less pigment. The result is a semi-translucent countertop that light can permeate. Even clear resin countertops can be made, but they require a solid substrate or underlay over the cabinet. A resin countertop can be sanded to remove scratches. Finishes are matte, semi-gloss and high-gloss.

A solid resin countertop made from acrylic or epoxy resin offers tremendous durability. They are impact resistant, don’t stain easily and are generally not harmed by acidic foods such as tomato products, fruit or wine. Epoxy resin counters are the most heat resistant.

Backlighting Resin Countertops

Since the resin material can be made semi-translucent, adding backlight is an option. An LED light panel may be embedded in the countertop itself or secured to the back of it. The light produces an appealing visual effect as it permeates the countertop.

Embedded Glass or Tile

Crushed glass and tile is embedded in resin to create very attractive, strong and easily-maintained products. Because of the blend of epoxy and glass or tile, each countertop is unique.

Resin Countertops with Added Minerals

A new process adds mineral fillers to the epoxy to give the resulting countertop the look of stone. There are currently more than 100 colors and patterns available. The countertops can be sanded to remove scratches, and they have the same durability as other resin counters do. Currently, a company called Dovae is the leading manufacturer of mineral embedded countertop products for the kitchen and bath.


Granite and Resin Countertop Coverings

These are made from 95% granite blended with durable resin. Thin sheets of the resulting material are cut to the exact size of existing countertops and used to cover them. Look for Rocksolid Granit, Cristillino and Mosaics brands. You’ll only save about 15% over the cost of solid granite countertops, but there’s less hassle in installing them and these countertop products have greater durability and are easier to maintain than solid granite.

LG Viatera

This product is composed of 93% crushed quartz and 7% resin. Pigments are used to tint the material and 12 countertop colors are currently available. It’s a durable surface that resists heat and is very low maintenance, unlike solid quartz countertops.

As you can see, resin is a highly versatile material in the production of countertop products for the kitchen and bath. It offers many unique concepts for countertop design. The selection is incredible, so give yourself time to research the types and colors you want on your short list for a final decision. The less you rush the decision, the more likely you are to be very satisfied with the resin countertops you eventually select.

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