Top Three Kid Friendly Countertops

Kid Friendly Countertops

Kid Friendly Countertops

Many families choose kid-friendly countertops for the kitchen and bathroom, counters that stand up to the wear and tear children dish out. What are the top three kid friendly countertops currently available?  While there are quite a few that will handle the demands, here are the three best choices – one inexpensive, one mid-priced and one high-end.

 Laminate Countertops

 Laminate remains a popular material for kitchen and bathroom counters because of its low cost, hundreds of color and pattern choices and its kid friendly durability.

Laminate has many kid friendly characteristics. It cleans up easily with mild soap and a cloth or sponge. The surface is non-porous, so it won’t harbor bacteria and viruses. It won’t stain easily either, if juice spills aren’t cleaned up immediately. Laminate bathroom and kitchen countertops are impact-resistant and won’t chip or crack easily.

 Laminate is inexpensive, so you can choose it now and replace when the kids are older without feeling like you wasted the money.


 Solid Surface Countertops

 There are a large number of solid surface countertops available, with Corian and Swanstone among the most popular. These tough, acrylic materials come in more than 100 colors and patterns, so choosing a great look that is also kid friendly is very easy. Stylistically, they work with contemporary and traditional kitchens, and everything in between.

 Kid friendly qualities possessed by solid surface countertops include the non-porous surface that is easy to clean. It resists staining, impact, and mild heat. It doesn’t scratch easily, but if a scratch occurs, most can be sanded out by your countertop contractor. Along with laminate, solid surface counters have a little more “give”, so a glass that slips out of a little hand is less likely to break when hitting the surface.

 Granite Countertops

 Granite hasn’t always had a kid friendly reputation. But that is changing with new sealants that eliminate the problems that discouraged parents from choosing them. You no longer have to fear having these expensive countertops stained by a juice spill or chipped by a dropped glass. When properly sealed, granite countertops are non-porous and easy to get really clean. Harsh cleaning agents aren’t needed to protect kids from germs.

 Got teenagers who use hot hair tools?  Granite in the bathroom is a great choice because it is very heat resistant. When properly sealed, it resists staining too. Facial cleansers won’t harm it, and nail polish can be removed without leaving a mark.  Before choosing a countertop contractor for professional installation, make sure they have good experience sealing granite surfaces for greater durability.

 Learn More About Kid Friendly Countertops

 For more details on these top three kid friendly countertops, click the Countertop Materials tab at the top and find the pages for laminate, solid surface and granite counters.

 Laminate and solid surface counters can be installed by homeowners with good DIY skills, but it’s best to choose professional installation for granite. When you use a countertop contractor, it makes sense to get at least 3 estimates. This allows you to find the lowest prices in your area while also learning something about the skills and experience of each contractor. The results will be the best professional installation of your countertops at a reasonable price.

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