Top Trends in Metal Surface Countertops

Pewter Countertops

Pewter Countertops

While stone and granite countertops were getting most of the attention, metal surface countertops were mounting a comeback that is now in full swing. A growing variety of metals are being used in countertop production. Here’s a look at the top trends in metal surface countertops.

Stainless Steel Countertops

Stainless remains the leading choice for many homeowners. It has a lot going for it including professional, attractive good looks and a durable surface that can be easily and thoroughly cleaned since it is non-porous. The look of stainless steel counters is best suited to modern design, though they look good in retro kitchens too. If you’re an enthusiast of green building materials, choose a stainless steel countertop that uses a high percentage of recycled and salvaged material.

Copper Countertops

For beauty, few metal types can match copper. It has a warm, traditional look that works very well in traditional, country, Old World, Mediterranean and even some contemporary kitchens. If you choose a copper countertop, you can keep it cleaned and shiny or allow the natural patina to develop into appealing patterns featuring green, brown and black. A copper countertop are easy to keep clean too, and studies have shown that bacteria don’t live as long on copper as they do on stainless steel. Copper is also made into range hoods, backsplashes, sinks and light fixtures, so you can really tie together your kitchen or bath design using this metal.

Zinc Countertops

This trendy metal countertop offers scintillating beauty and variety. Like copper, it can be kept bright and shiny or allowed to take on natural tarnish which shows mottled grays and blues. Since zinc is a fairly soft metal, it can be shaped quite easily, producing a customized edge or backsplash. Like other metals, soap and water cleanup is all that’s needed for a zinc countertop. With its cool appearance, it’s a great choice for modern and eclectic design.

Pewter Countertops

It’s not as popular as some other types of metal countertop, but interest in pewter is definitely growing. It’s been a material used in counters for quite some time, especially in France. Pewter has a nonporous surface that won’t harbor bacteria and is easy to clean. Another soft metal, decorate edges can be easily fashioned. A pewter countertop will work well with traditional, French country, Old World and contemporary designs.

Bronze Countertops

This is another versatile metal to use for a countertop, backsplash and range hood set. Bronze can be given a mirror polish or matte finish.  It doesn’t form patina as quickly as copper, but the process can be quickened with safe chemical agents. A bronze countertop can be an elegant addition to any type of kitchen or bath design.

Have You Considered Metal?

If you haven’t considered a metal surface countertop, now might be the time to look into your options. These durable, attractive and easily cleaned metals can be a real asset to your home wherever you choose to use them. Feel free to check out our Annual Buyer's Guide to Countertop Surfaces for more choices and approximate costs per square foot.

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