Lava Countertops


Lava countertops are uniquely beautiful and highly functional. They have all the top

Lava Countertops on Bar

Lava Countertops on Bar

characteristics homeowners look for in kitchen and bathroom countertops for remodeling or new construction. Lava countertops are attractive, durable, extremely heat resistant – they’re lava after all – and easy to care for.


DIY homeowners will find them easy to install once sink openings and other cut-outs have been made. If you don’t prefer to do the job yourself, you’ll be able to find a qualified installer in your area.

What Are Lava Countertops?

These countertops are literally made from lava stone quarried from the site of ancient volcano eruptions. Most of the lava stone countertops currently being produced come from stone extracted from craters in Auvergne, France, but other sources are being developed as these bathroom and kitchen countertops grow in demand.

Once the stone is mined, it is custom-cut for each individual order. Then, the lava stone countertop is glazed with enamel at heat in excess of 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit (1000 Celsius). The glazing used gives it a very smooth, non-porous finish that is completely water-resistant. As the countertop cools, small cracks in the glazing appear. Known collectively as crazing, they give every countertop a completely unique appearance.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Lava Countertops

You’ll want to compare the pros and cons of lava stone with other kitchen and bath countertop material you’re considering. There’s a lot to like about lava stone, but a few things to keep in mind as well.

Strengths: The first strength is, well, its strength.  This is a durable material that resists chipping and cracking. In addition, the glazed, non-porous surface withstands heat, staining, acids from cleaners or foods and it will not fade in the UV rays of the sun. Because of these benefits, these countertops are very kid friendly.

Lava stone countertops can be glazed in an unlimited array of colors to match every type of kitchen cabinetry and décor. The finish can be made glossy or matte. Stylistically, lava stone worktops nicely integrate with contemporary, traditional, country and eclectic kitchen design.


Weaknesses: The primary drawback to lava countertops is their price. Most range in cost from $250-$300 per square foot, easily surpassing other pricey countertop materials like granite and marble. A significant amount of the cost is due to shipping, since all lava stone currently being used is imported. Another thing to consider is that the lava countertops cannot be easily refinished. They’re a 50-year countertop, easily, so make sure you love the color you choose!

With an example of enameled lava's unique ability to handle even extreme cooking temperatures, Pyrolave created the following video:

Who Should Consider Lava Countertops?

Lovers of unique materials gravitate toward lava stone. It’s a good bet yours would be one of the first – if not the first—of its kind among your circle of friends. More than just exclusive, lava countertops are exquisitely attractive and can be customized to meet the requirements of your kitchen or bathroom design scheme. If you’re willing to pay more for extraordinary worktops that really do have it all, lava countertops might be the perfect fit. Feel free to browse the site for further help deciding what countertops would be a good fit for you.

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