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When you select reclaimed wood for your countertops, you do more than help the environment by keeping the wood out of the waste stream. You choose a countertop material that provides rich, stunning beauty to any kitchen or bathroom. This natural material is found in a wide variety of styles and colors, a perfect choice for traditional, transitional, country, old world, French provincial and even eclectically-styled homes.

What Are Reclaimed Wood Countertops?

Redeemed wood comes from many sources. Much of it was once building material in barns, warehouses and other commercial buildings. Wall boards, floor boards and beams are used to produce reclaimed wood countertops that can add a warm, organic element to your kitchen or bath. The marks of history, the patina of aged wood and the natural imperfections of the lumber combine to give it character that many find very appealing.

The countertops are created through careful selection of wood. In almost every case, the boards or beams will all come from the same building in order to achieve consistency of quality and appearance. The wood is then crafted into countertops by joining them together, sanding them if needed and staining or sealing them to create the finished look.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Reclaimed Wood Countertops

What are the pros and cons of reclaimed wood countertops? This section will help you compare them with other materials covered in the countertop guides on this site. Here’s a look at what reclaimed wood countertops offer and what their potential downside might be.

Strengths: If you love the look of natural wood, especially wood with character or a stressed appearance, then reclaimed wood countertops should be a top consideration. They offer beauty and warmth wherever they are installed. The wood is also quite durable and should give you decades of service. Finally, reclaimed wood countertops are a green building material.

Weaknesses: Reclaimed wood countertops are expensive. There is a limited supply of material, and turning the wood into countertops takes plenty of labor. Wood countertops, if not properly sealed, can hold bacteria and viruses, so make sure your countertops are well-sealed initially. Have your countertop contractor reseal them every few years. Finally, as you might expect, wood countertops don’t handle very-hot pots and pans very well.

Who Should Consider Reclaimed Wood Countertops?

If you are planning to use other natural elements in your bathroom or kitchen remodeling, such as hardwood or natural stone floors, then reclaimed wood will fit right in. If you love natural beauty and want ecofriendly countertops, these are a wonderful choice.

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