Recycled Glass Countertops

Light colored recycled glass countertopRecycled glass countertops and those made from other types of glass have a unique, beautiful appearance that goes very well in homes with a with a variety of designs. Depending on how the glass is used, glass and recycled glass countertops can look very modern and contemporary or they can be made to look antique and almost traditional. Be careful when selecting glass countertops as they may not be the right countertop for your situation, especially if you have small children in the home.

What Are Recycled Glass Countertops

Most recycled glass countertops are 80% to 90% post-consumer glass and have been produced since about 1995. The glass comes from both commercial and domestic sources.  Recycled glass countertops feature pieces of glass held together with a cement binder.  They are popular with eco-friendly consumers but because of their unique design and beauty are chosen by a wide variety of homeowners to produce a customized looked to their kitchen and bathroom countertops. For kitchens and bathroom countertops, recycled glass is also made into tiles and backsplashes that can be installed along with the countertops.  For recycled glass countertops, expect prices from $50-$125 per square foot.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths: Recycled glass counters are very durable and strong.  The binder is very hard and these bathroom and kitchen countertops are not prone to chipping or cracking.  The countertops are non-porous and therefor are easier to clean and maintain.  These products are heat-resistant and stain-resistant.  Every recycled glass countertop is a unique creation – no two are alike. These kitchen and bath countertops are varied in their design through the use of different colors of glass and glass pieces of differing size, giving them a custom look.  Even recycled glass tiles are unique from one another.    Finally, recycled glass countertops are good for the environment because they keep waste glass out of landfills.

Weaknesses: While recycled glass countertops are fairly strong, they can crack if installation creates stress points, and therefore, is probably not the best choice if you want to install your own countertop or backsplash.  Depending on the design, some of them can show water spots or fingerprints.  In some cases, acidic foods or cleaning products might mar the surface.  Recycled glass kitchen and bathroom countertops come in a range of prices but most are fairly expensive.

Who Should Consider Recycled Glass Countertops?

If you enjoy the look of colored glass in general, these bathroom and kitchen countertops might be a good choice for you.  Depending on the countertop you choose, recycled glass tops can add a lot of color to an otherwise drab kitchen.  They also appeal to those with artistic leanings who are looking for a special way to give their home a unique, creative flair.  Those who are committed to a green, environmentally friendly lifestyle should also explore recycled glass countertops for their bathroom and kitchen.

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