Resin Countertops

Recycled Glass in Resin

Recycled Glass in Resin

Resin countertops for the kitchen and bathroom have a lot to offer in the way of beauty and durability. These solid surface countertops can be produced any standard length, with a seamless finish. They offer many color and style options too.

What Are Resin Countertops?

These kitchen and bath countertops are crafted from cured epoxy, acrylic or polyester resin, a synthetic material used in a wide variety of applications. The countertops are cut to order from “blanks” or can be customized for unusual, unique kitchen or bathroom countertop designs. The epoxy can be tinted slightly or completely colored to produce the exact look desired. Keep in mind that acrylic resin is generally regarded to be of higher quality than polyester resin.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Resin Countertops

How do these countertops stack up against other types you may be considering?  These resin countertop pros and cons will give you an idea of what you can expect as you compare this option head to head with your other options.

Strengths: The two necessities in quality bathroom and kitchen countertops are attractive appearance and durability. Resin countertops excel in both categories.

In terms of their durability, you may be interested to know that before being adapted for use in the kitchen, resin countertops were primarily used in laboratories, where they are still in wide use. Acrylic resin countertops are resistant to impact, staining, UV rays, scratches and heat. Most also resist damage from the types of acids found in wine, tomato products and other foods.

In terms of appearance, the level of coloration in the resin can be regulated to produce a variety of effects. Solid colors are very popular, but many homeowners opt for resin countertops with less pigment – producing a semi-translucent effect that can be very attractive. When the bathroom or kitchen countertop is not fully opaque, backlighting that shines into and through the material can be used to produce a very unique appearance. Hundreds of color choices are available.

Resin countertops are non-porous. They don’t support the growth of bacteria or fungus. They clean up quickly and easily with common household cleaners.

A final strength worth noting, these countertops can be quite affordable, ranging in cost from $50-$125 per square foot.

Weaknesses: The biggest drawback to consider when shopping for resin countertops is the lack of consistency among products. Not all resin bathroom and kitchen countertops are created equal. As noted, acrylic resin is preferred to polyester resin. Corian, one of the most durable and highly-rated solid surface countertop materials is made exclusively from acrylic polyester.

When getting estimates for resin countertops, ask the contractor what type of resin is used in the brand. Ask questions about durability, brittleness, heat resistance as well as cost. You’ll get what you pay for with resin countertops. Another way to look at it is that there are resin countertops to match most budgets.

Who Should Consider Resin Countertops?

Since they have a decidedly contemporary look to them, resin countertops are popular with those crafting a clean, sleek and modern style. It’s common for homeowners to first consider them because they couldn’t find anything else they liked – and then fell in love with the look, style and color possibilities provided by quality resin countertops.

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