Better Bio Solutions 7 N One – 1 Gallon


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This multitasking cleaner is the ecofriendly choice for a wide range of maintenance and repair jobs. It saves labor by up to 70% too by breaking down material for easier removal. The jobs it tackles are:

  • Speeds the removal of lime grout/grout haze/epoxy grout
  • Removes hardened caulk
  • Removes limestone and natural stone smoke residue
  • Removes oil, grease and dirt from stone and tile
  • Removes efflorescence
  • Removes calcium and hard-water deposits

It’s important to get rid of calcium and hard-water deposits because they trap oils that mar fired tiles, marble, granite and other natural stone products. Better Bio Solutions 7 N One protects the surfaces it has cleaned by capturing dirt and oil in a colloidal solution.

When removing grout, Better Bio Solutions 7 N One penetrates into the material and breaks it down. It separates the grout from the tile to reduce labor time and costs.

Reasons to Choose Better Bio Solutions 7 N One Solution:

  • Biodegradable and environmentally responsible
  • Non-fuming, non-combustible and non-corrosive
  • Assists in the removal of grout without harming stone or tile
  • No volatile organic compounds (VOCs), acid or harsh ingredients
  • Available in a 1-gal. jug and 1-qt. spray bottle

Make tough jobs easy with a proven solution for softening material and cleaning away tough grime like grease and smoke residue. Better Bio Solutions 7 N One is the environmentally safe, hardworking answer.

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