Better Bio Solutions 7 N One – 1 Quart


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Here’s an ecofriendly way to handle tough floor maintenance jobs like softening tile or epoxy grout without damaging the tile or stone. Better Bio Solutions 7 N One in the one-quart spray is the professional choice because its formula reduces labor by up to 70%. Spray on 7 N One, and let it start working safely for you.

What Better Bio Solutions 7 N One Will Do for You:

  • Safely clean away oil, grease and dirt from stone and tile
  • Remove efflorescence
  • Dissolve light calcium and hard-water deposits
  • Soften lime grout, epoxy grout and grout haze for easier removal
  • Soften hardened caulk
  • Remove smoke residue from limestone and natural stone

For Cleaning: Calcium and hard-water deposits trap oil, and that oil will eventually mar the surface of your fired tile or natural stone (marble, granite, slate, limestone) flooring or countertops. Better Bio Solutions 7 N One cleaner removes light calcium and hard-water deposits, softens oils and captures them with a proprietary colloidal solution for safe removal.


For Softening Grout: Better Bio Solutions 7 N One penetrates vinyl and epoxy grout for fast, effective removal with a fraction of the effort. It won’t harm the tile or stone.


The Ecofriendly Solution

The 7 N One cleaner is biodegradable and does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). There are no fumes, and it is non-corrosive and non-combustible.


Take it from the pros, Better Bio Solutions 7 N One cleaner is the green, effective cleaner and grout-removal solution for use at home and on the job site.

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