TeEtch Etch Remover


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Get rid of etching and other blemishes that mar the beauty of your stone countertops & floors with easy-to-use TeEtch Etch Remover. This professional-grade polishing powder is the perfect choice for a range of materials: marble, limestone, alabaster, onyx and travertine. It gently and effectively removes etch marks, water marks, dull spots and light scratches while restoring the high-gloss shine.

TeEtch Etch Remover does the work in just a few minutes. Sprinkle a small amount of the powder on the damaged area. With a soft cloth, work the powder in a circular motion.

Let the Etch Remover do the work as it removes the blemish and restores the shine of the factory finish. The pros use TeEtch Etch Remover – now you can too!

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