Dynamite 5X – Traditional Italian Marble Polishing Powder for Marble and other Soft Stones, 2lbs


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Dynamite 5X Traditional Italian polishing powder is formulated to work quickly and bring out the natural beauty and lustrous shine of marble, onyx, terrazzo, travertine, limestone and other calcite stone. It’s the right choice for all surfaces including floors, steps, walls and countertops. Polish stone anytime with Dynamite 5X, though it is especially effective after diamond refinishing of the surfaces.

This traditional Italian-style marble polishing powder is the choice of professionals because it is powerful, works quickly, is easy to use and doesn’t leave a gritty residue behind, so cleanup is simple. Add just enough water to the mix to produce a pasty slurry, and then polish in a linear or circular manner to bring out the desired gloss level.

Stone restoration contractors choose no-hassle Dynamite 5X Italian polishing powder for marble, travertine, terrazzo, limestone and similar calcite stone because:

  • It works quickly to reduce labor time
  • Dissolves immediately in water, so there’s no waiting
  • Doesn’t leave a gritty residue, so cleanup is minimized
  • Each pound of Dynamite 5X polishing powder polishes about 150 square feet depending on the type and condition of the stone, so this 2lb container is enough for about 300 square feet
  • Is suitable for residential, commercial and industrial application
  • Ideal for floors, steps, walls and counters

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