HD-13 Stone and Tile Cleaner – 1 Gallon



This time-saving cleaner cuts down on your workload because it doesn’t require rinsing. D-13 Stone and Tile Cleaner leaves no residue while it does a fantastic job removing dirt, shoe marks and more. If you’re looking for a low-foaming cleaner designed for stone that can be cleaned with autoscrubbers, this is a top choice of the pros. Put a nice shine on your floors too.

HD-13 is a concentrated formula that cleans and removes greases from natural stone and grouts. Safe for all natural stone and tile surfaces such as polished marble, travertine, granite, limestone, terrazzo and more.  It can be diluted as much as 32:1 for general cleaning, but if you have some serious cleaning to do (including removing stains) you can dilute is as little as 8:1. Mix the HD-13 solution and water according to the needed dilution ratio. Using a pump sprayer or mop, apply to the surface and gently agitate. Without letting the product dry, allow 5 minutes of dwell time and vacuum or rinse the residue. Repeat the process as necessary!

This product is safe for cleaning all natural stone and tile surfaces and is excellent for cleaning polished marble, cleaning travertine, cleaning granite, cleaning limestone, cleaning terrazo and any hard surface.

* Alkaline Heavy Duty Cleaner
* Concetrated (dilute from 8:1 – 32:1)
* Safe for All Stone surfaces

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