Lustro Italiano Stone Care Kit



Designed and used by professionals, this two-part stone care system is now available for use in your home. The Lustro Italiano Stone Care Kit features a pH-balanced cleaner that is both safe and effective on all stone products including granite, slate and marble. There are no harmful solvents, so the sealer on your countertops or floor won’t be damaged. The second part of the Lustro Italiano Stone Care system is a specially formulated polish that brings out the shine and vivid hues of your natural stone.

Cleaning Stone Countertops

The Lustro Italiano Stone Care Kit is the right choice for all stone surfaces. You receive enough polisher material for 150 square feet. The manufacturer recommends using the polish on a weekly basis to restore the glossy shine of

newly installed stone countertops. The Lustro Italiano stone countertop cleaner can be used safely as needed.

For Cleaning: Spray on the Lustro Italiano stone cleaner and wipe off with a soft cloth or paper towel.

For Polishing: Apply with a cotton cloth, and buff lightly to bring back the shine of your marble or granite countertops.

For Maintenance: Re-seal your stone countertops as recommended by the manufacturer. Then, use the Lustro Italiano Stone Care Kit to keep them looking their best. Regular use of the Lustro Italiano polish will protect the seal and extend its life.

This stone care kit works on floors too. Use a cotton string mop for application of the polish, and be cautious: Floors will be slippery when first polished.

Use what the professionals do, and keep your natural stone floors and countertops clean and protected with the Lustro Italiano Stone Care Kit!

Note: Tenax Countertop Cleaner is labeled as a hazardous material. Additional shipping fees will be charged if it is shipped outside the continental US or if shipped by a means other than UPS Ground.

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