MB-11 Stone DIY Marble Polishing Powder



Polishing your stone countertops gives them a lasting luster, and MB-11 Stone DIY Marble Polishing Powder is the right product for the job. It contains a proven, specially formulated blend of polishing abrasives and catalysts that allows you to polish marble by hand. No corded polisher is required!

Formulated for Water Stains

MB-11 Stone DIY Marble Polishing Powder is a spot polisher for removing water stains and rings on your marble countertops. It is effective and safe to use on all calcite-based stone products including marble and travertine. The manufacturer recommends testing MB-11 on spare material or out-of-sight location to make sure it won’t harm your countertop surface.

Get Professional Results with Ease

Apply a small amount of MB-11 Stone DIY Marble Polishing Powder to the problem area, and add water. Use a soft cloth such as a terrycloth rag to buff out the stains or rings. Complete instructions for this easy-to-use marble polish are included.

Get rid of water stains, and restore the luster of your marble countertops! It’s simple to do with MB-11 Marble Polishing Powder.

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