MB-12 Stone Polishing Powder for Marble – 1 Lb



Use the stone-polishing product formulated by one of the stone industry’s true innovators, Maurizio Bertoli! MB-12 Stone Polishing Powder for Marble delivers a finish that is superior to most factory finishes. Specially formulated for dry-polishing marble, MB-12 polishing powder is the professional choice for use on:

  • Green marbles
  • Black and brown marbles
  • Delicate Botticino marbles
  • Granite including Absolute Black
  • Dolomitic stone

MB-12 powder works with wet-polishing applications too, and can be used to polish both floors and countertops. Because of the innovative blend of polishing materials, MB-12 Stone Polishing Powder allows you to polish 1,250 to 2,500 square feet per day depending on the specific marble. Get superior results with the polish developed by a legend, Maurizio Bertoli’s MB-12 Stone Polishing Powder for Marble and more.

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Weight 1 lbs

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