Tenax Rust Poultice Stain Remover



Tenax has created a rust stain poultice powder! TeRust Rust Remover Powder is designed to remove rust stains out of granite, marble, travertine, limestone, terrazzo, concrete, brick, and sanded grout. TeRust contains a special blend of chelates for removing rust stains from stone. By utilizing the stain process reversal technique, the TeRust Stain Remover Powder draws the stain out of the stone.

Directions: Scoop out the needed amount of powder. Apply water to make a toothpaste consistency and cover with plastic wrap and make several toothpick holes in the plastic wrap. Within 24-48 hours after the powder has dried, remove the poultice and the stain will be gone!

NOTE: Calcium based stones may etch and require repolishing. We also would recommend resealing the stone after the stain has been removed.

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