TePouch Stain Remover Pouch



Here’s the safe, effective way to remove stains from natural stone countertops and floors! TePouch Stain Remover Pouches contains 3 diatomaceous earth and specially formulated surfactants that are safe to use on natural stone products such as marble, granite and slate. They are safe for travertine, terrazzo, concrete, sanded grout and brick too.

To use, place one TePouch Stain Remover Pouch under water until it is saturated. Then, apply it to the stain and cover with plastic wrap. Tape the wrap if necessary, and poke several small holes per square inch.

Remove the TePouch in one to two days, or when the pouch has dried, and view the results. The stain should be gone, drawn from the material. Tough stains may require a second application.

TePouch Stain Remover Pouches are the easy choice for removing stains caused by wine, coffee, tea, juice, oil, grease and a wide range of additional organic substances.

Don’t waste your time and energy scrubbing away at stains! Let this proven product do the work for you. TePouch Stain Remover Pouches will make stains disappear from stone and similar materials in just a few days!

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