Easy Stone Chip Repair Kit for do-it-yourselfer



This complete kit includes simple, step-by-step instructions and everything you need for granite and marble countertop repair. Chips and cracks disappear, restoring the natural beauty of your stone countertops.

The Easy Stone Chip Repair Kit is made for DIY homeowners who don’t want the expense of hiring a contractor. LiquaGlass epoxy is the featured material in this granite and marble chip repair kit. The epoxy is easy to work with and sets fast for hassle-free marble and granite countertop repair.

The kit contains everything you need for success:

  • 3 oz. LiquaGlass chip filler – 2 oz. part A & 1 oz. part B
  • 60-yard roll of 1.5-inch masking tape
  • 10 Single-edge razor blades for removing excess epoxy
  • 10 Mixing sticks for combing LiquaGlass parts A & B
  • 5-pair latex gloves
  •  .25-liter Tenax Hydrex Sealer for approx. 50 square feet
  • Step-by-step instructions

This marble and granite repair kit contains clear instructions and quality materials. Repair your granite and marble countertops for a fraction of the price you’d pay a contractor, and have the satisfaction of doing it yourself!

Note: Because the DIY Easy Stone Chip Repair Kit is labeled a hazardous material, it must be shipped UPS Ground in the continental US or UPS Standard to Canada.

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