LamLock RocketGel – Instant Epoxy Gel For Granite, Marble and Natural Stone



Countertop Color Matching Tints

Color matching tints can be used with Lamlock RocketGel epoxy to ensure a perfect and seamless repair!


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LamLock RocketGel is an epoxy gel for stone. It cures quickly and will be no longer tacky in as little as 25 minutes. RocketGel is transparent in thin coats, cloudy white in layers to 1/8” and off-white in thicker layers when fully cured, which occurs within 24 hours.

Coloring this LamLock product with pigments is easy, so you can produce any color you desire. Once tack-free, the gel can be scraped, ground or polished. It is commonly used for seams, crack fills and gluing mitered edges or wherever permanent bonding is required. RocketGel is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but since epoxies aren’t UV-stable, this adhesive will darken with time in direct sunlight.

Directions: Clean and dry all surfaces to be glued. Mix equal amounts of part A and part B. Store and use at room temperature.

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