FillaChip Chip Repair System



This FillaChip Chip System includes everything for repairing scratches and chips – 4 syringes containing 3ccs of FillaChip glue, 1 syringe containing 3ccs of polish, UV light, 10 dispensing tips and 8 plastic sheets. The FillaChip System for quick, quality repairs. A FillaChip Refill Kit is available with 4 syringes with 3ccs of FillaChip glue, 10 dispensing tips and 8 plastic release sheets. This innovative stone repair kit was created by a fabricator and offers professional results that are easy to achieve. It’s used by pros who want a chip repair kit on the jobsite and for DIY chip repair by homeowners too. You’ll be impressed with how easy FillaCrack Chip Repair is to use and the pro-quality finish it produces.

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Weight 5 lbs

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