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Please be advised, this product has been replaced by our fast-setting Lamlock Rocketgel

This fast-setting epoxy cures to become harder than the stone it is repairing! It blends beautifully, dries crystal clear and can be colored to match your marble, granite or other natural stone product. The 29 Minute epoxy becomes a workable gel in 14 minutes and will be cured just 15 minutes later. In less than a half hour, chips, cracks and fissures in your marble or granite countertops can be filled and repaired. The Instant Install 29 Minute Epoxy can’t be broken with a hammer, once it is fully cured.

This mercaptan epoxy is made in the USA. It will not shrink, expand or crack with changing weather as other epoxies will, and it can be mixed and used at a wide range of temperatures. Because it won’t stick to polished surfaces, clean-up is very easy. Instant Install 29 is formulated for use with marble and granite repair of countertops and floors. You receive 16 oz. resin and 16 oz. hardener, enough to make many repairs.

Summary of Features:

  • Bonds stronger than the stone it repairs
  • Can be used on seams, cracks, fissures and for lamination
  • Cures at a wide range of temperatures
  • Can be colored to match stone (See our colorants)
  • Made in the United States
  • Won’t shrink, expand or crack


Get rid of unsightly cracks and chips in your countertops with this fantastic marble and granite -repair product! Step-by-step instructions help you do DIY countertop and floor repair with professional results.

Note: The Instant Install 29 Minute Epoxy is labeled as a hazardous material (Hazmat). Additional fees will be added for shipping outside the continental US or by means other than UPS Ground. If extra fees apply, we’ll contact you for your approval before shipping the marble and granite countertop repair kit.

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