LamLock Flowing Epoxy 1.5 Quart Express



LamLock introduces a new, clear-flowing epoxy adhesive formulated for stone material including marble, granite and engineered stone. This structural epoxy provides outstanding strength even in cold weather. Use LamLock epoxy to permanently bond stone to stone, metal, wood and a variety of underlayment. It’s ideal for anchoring bolts too. LamLock epoxy for locking laminations accepts polish beautifully. It cures clear, even at depths of ½” or more, and it can be tinted to create exactly the right color. See our epoxy tints for the colors you need. This flowing epoxy dries quickly, and laminated stone can be worked with power tools in just one hour. LamLock cures best in temperatures above 50F, and curing is complete in 12 hours. You’ll enjoy these top features of LamLock flowing epoxy Express:

  • Tack-free in less than an hour at 75F
  • Laminated stone can be worked in one hour
  • Completely cures in a maximum of 12 hours
  • Used in a 2:1 ratio

Kit contains 48oz total

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Weight 3 lbs

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