LamLock Flowing Epoxy 3 Quart Express



LamLock’s new professional-grade epoxy adhesive formulated for use on granite, marble, engineered stone and similar materials. It is a structural epoxy that produces permanent bonds at temperatures above 50F. LamLock permanently bonds stone to stone, metal, wood and other substrata. Apply it to anchor bolts for a stronger hold. Polish and tint LamLock epoxy to achieve the look you want. See our complete line of tints for the colors you need. If not tinted, the epoxy dries crystal clear to a depth of ½” or more. Quick drying and durable, LamLock for locking laminates is tack-free in 60 minutes or less. Glued materials can be worked with power tools in on hour. It cures best in temperatures above 50F and cures completely in 12 hours. LamLock flowing epoxy Express 3 quart kit features include:

  • Tack-free in less than an hour at 75F
  • Stone laminates glued with LamLock can be worked in one hour
  • Cures completely in 12 hours or less
  • Formulated for a 2:1 ratio

3-quart kit contains  2 quarts of Part A epoxy and 1 quart of Part B hardener

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Weight 9 lbs

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