Liqua Glass 3oz Kit – Chip Filling Epoxy


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If chips or cracks mar the beauty of your natural stone countertops, Liquaglass chip-filling epoxy is the way to make them disappear. Save the expense of costly marble and granite countertop repair by doing it yourself in minutes. Just mix the epoxy, apply it to the crack or chip and remove excess epoxy. A permanent, water-tight bond is formed, and you’ll have professional results for a fraction of the cost.

The LiquaGlass epoxy for granite and marble repair dries crystal clear with plenty of luster, and it will never shrink. It won’t discolor or alter the color of the stone, and no green blooms will develop as can happen with many light-curing acrylic (LCA) kits. Natural shading may develop over time in direct sunlight. For best results, apply indoors and at room temperature.

Here’s what you get with the LiquaGlass granite and marble countertop repair kit:

  • 3 oz. LiquaGlass epoxy
  • Mixing cups for epoxy parts A and B
  • Stir sticks
  • Step-by-step Instructions


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