Superfast Stone Chip Repair Chem Kit



The Superfast kit contains two types of stone repair products. A low-viscosity liquid is ideal for filling small cracks and chips on a horizontal surface. The high-viscosity liquid is thicker, so it’s formulated for repairing cracks and chips on

vertical surfaces such as the edge of a granite or marble countertop. Both liquids are fast-drying acrylics, so repairs can be made quickly.

The third product in the Superfast Stone Chip Repair Chem Kit is an activator. Once the liquid acrylic is in place, spray on the activator to cure and harden the acrylic. Shave the hardened acrylic with a single-edge razor to create a surface that is flush with the surrounding stone. The marble and granite repair acrylic dries clear.

This product is not for use on surfaces in direct sunlight.

Note: This is labeled a hazmat material, so additional fees may be added for shipments outside the continental US or by means other than UPS Ground. We will notify you for your approval before shipping, if additional fees apply.

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