Tenax Universal Colouring Tint 2.5 Oz – Cement Grey


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Tenax Colouring tint is the ideal choice when you want a perfect color match for your stone floor or countertop repair. This tinting paste works with epoxy and polyester fillers. The nozzle is designed to give you precise control over the amount of the color you add, and just a few drops of Tenax Tint go a long way.

As a paste, Tenax Universal Colouring blends well with all types of filler including mastics, liquids and solids. Your mix should not contain more than 3% tinting paste. The paste is available in ten colors that can be mixed to replicate the color of your granite, marble, slate or other natural stone countertop or floor.

Tenax Universal Tint Features:

  • 2.5 oz. bottle with leak-proof cap and flow-control nozzle
  • Creamy gray color is ideal for blending
  • Ten total colors give you control over shading
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • For use with all epoxy and polyester fillers

Tenax Universal Cement Grey Colouring Tint is the DIY homeowner’s choice for mixing colors like the pros do. Achieve professional results in your natural stone repair with Tenax Colouring.

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Cement Gray

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