Tenax Universal Colouring Tint 2.5 Oz – Red


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Tenax Colouring Tint is professional-grade colorant that is an ideal choice for DIY stone floor and countertop repair. This Tenax paste works with all epoxy and polyester fillers including those we sell. The specially designed cap allows you add

just a drop or two of tint at a time as you mix it into the filler to achieve the perfect color match. Ten shades of Tenax tint are available for blending, but keep in mind that the tinting paste shouldn’t account for more than 3% of your filler.

2.5 Oz Tenax Universal Red Colouring Tint Features:

  • Bright red tint
  • One of ten colors available from Tenax
  • Works with all epoxy and polyester-based fillers
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Special cap eliminates leaks

Red is a popular tint for marble, slate and granite repair, whether straight or blended with other shades. Get professional looking results with very affordable DIY products available right here.

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