Tenax Universal Colouring Tint 2.5 Oz – Yellow


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With Tenax tint and fillers available here, you can achieve professional results in your natural stone countertop and floor repair. Tenax Colouring yellow tint is useful for blending with other colors to give filler just the right shade. Ten Tenax tint colors are available. These pastes work with all epoxy and polyester-based fillers including mastic, liquid and solids. Note that the coloring paste should not account for more than 3% of the filler you use to repair your stone counters or floor.

The specially designed cap gives you complete control over the amount of tint added, so precise color match is possible. Tenax Colouring tint is formulated for use indoors and outdoors.

Top Tenax Colouring Tint Features:

  • Bright yellow can be mixed with other tints to produce an unlimited number of shades
  • 2.5 oz. bottle with leak-proof Twistlock cap
  • Works with all polyester and epoxy fillers
  • Indoor/outdoor applications

Just a few drops are needed for small repairs

See all our Tenax Universal Colouring shades in affordable 2.5-oz. size for mixing the perfect color for your job! We also offer a great selection of filler products for your DIY home repairs.

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