Travertine Filler Brown 125ml


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Use this professional-grade product for DIY travertine filling, and your guests will think an experienced contractor did the work! Much more durable than standard grout, this Travertine Filler cures to form a permanent bond. This is a two-part product, polyester-based, semi-solid filler and a hardener which is added at a ratio of 97% filler to3% hardener. It is the same formula used by professionals for filling and repairing travertine.

Mix and apply the filler with a tongue depressor or similar tool, scrape the filler to be flush with the stone and allow it to dry. It’s just that easy! Any remaining excess can be removed in minutes with acetone or denatured alcohol and a rag.

Travertine filler is available in buff and gray in addition to brown. Clear instructions make it the right choice for DIY filling and repairing, so order today, and your travertine floors and countertops will soon look like new!

Note: Travertine Filler Brown 125ml is labeled a hazardous material. The Hazmat designation means it must be shipped via UPS Ground to the continental USA or UPS Standard to Canada.

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