Travertine Filler Buff 125ml


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This is the travertine filler used by the pros to repair and fill floors and countertops. This DIY kit is simple to use, so you’ll get professional results at a fraction of the cost. The kit includes semi-solid polyester resin and hardener. Mix these two in a 97% to 3% ratio using a tongue depressor or similar tool, and the filler ready for use. Fill seams, cracks and chips, then smooth the filler flush with the travertine floor or countertop. Remove excess material with a rag and acetone, and you’re finished. Travertine Filler Buff 125ml is also available in brown and gray. It won’t shrink or crack, so the seam or repair is permanent. The kit includes step-by-step instructions that ensure your success. Note: Travertine Filler buff 125ml is labeled a hazardous material. The Hazmat designation means it must be shipped via UPS Ground to the continental USA or UPS Standard to Canada. It cannot be shipped anywhere else or by other means.

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