Ager Tiger Color Enhancing Stone Sealer – 1 Quart


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Only properly sealed stone floors and countertops look their best and resist stains. Ager Tiger Color Enhancing Stone Sealer is a resin-based sealer proven to bring out the rich beauty of slate, granite, marble and other stone products. Apply Ager Stone Sealer after the first round of polishing and again when the job is completed to ensure a permanently wet look that really shows off the stone’s natural color and beauty.

Ager Tiger Color Enhancing Stone Sealer was formulated to produce a dark, rich hue to resin-enhanced slabs, and it’s a great choice for exotic stone and stone with a more porous surface.

Ager Tiger Color Enhancing Stone Sealer Features:

  • One quart covers 160 to 180 square feet
  • Brings out the rich and subtle hues found in natural stone products
  • Seals against staining
  • Gives stone a lasting sheen
  • Ideal for all stone floors and countertops including marble, slate and granite
  • Durable finish that lasts for years
  • Easy to apply
  • Leaves stone looking great and easy to clean

You’ve made a significant investment in natural stone floors or countertops. Protect that investment with Ager Tiger Color Enhancing stone sealer from Tenax.

Note: Ager Tiger stone sealer is labeled a hazardous material. The Hazmat designation means it must be shipped via UPS Ground to the continental USA or UPS Standard to Canada. It cannot be shipped anywhere else or by other means.

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