Protex Impregnating Stone Sealer – 1 Liter


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This is the best sealer for all stones. It can be used on granites, marbles, flagstones, brick pavers, even concrete. It will protect against oils and water penetrating your stone. It is even great on porous stones. Protex is great for indoor or outdoor use and will stain proof and water proof your stone.

Protex works very well for the treatment of smoothed stones like sandstone, flagstone, limestone, travertine and similar stones. We also recommend PROTEX on sandy amorphous material mixed with the presence of silicate and calcium carbonate. It works well on smooth, sandblast or flamed surfaces.

After the application a light color enhancement may be seen depending on the stone and where the product is applied.
PROTEX gives protection against stains and does not create superficial films.

  • Good resistance to outside conditions.
  • 1 liter covers 100-150 square feet
  • Stainproofs stone
  • FluroPolymer resin based

Instruction for use:
Clean the surface from dust, grease and any kind of dirt. The presence of any substance on the surface may influence the final effect of anti-stain. Apply the Protex on the surface by using a brush, sponge or a clean cloth. Let the stone absorb the Protex. Wait few minutes and clean off the excess. which may create a superficial sticky film. Repeat this treatment at least 2 times.
The effect of anti-stain will be achieved after 24 hours.

This is a terrific low cost marble sealer, granite sealer and other natural stone sealer. It will last for years and is simple to apply. Another high quality product from Tenax.

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