Repolishing And Sealing Kit – Dark Granite



Rejuvenate worn granite and restore its factory-quality gleam with a proven professional-grade product. Dia-Glo Dark Granite Complete Repolishing and Sealing Kit is the fast and effective way to bring a high-gloss gleam back to your natural stone countertops and floors. It is the ideal choice for stone slabs and tiles.

The Dia-Glo Dark Granite Repolishing and Sealing Kit is the complete DIY kit for restoring the natural beauty of stone, especially darker shades of granite. Tenax also makes a kit for lighter shades of granite. Here’s what is included:

  • 1 qt. Dia-Glo polishing compound for dark granite
  • 1 3-inch dense felt wheel with hook & loop design
  • 1 3-inch rigid pad backer
  • .25-liter container of Tenax Hydrex sealer

This value of this kit is well over $100, and we’re pleased to offer it at a discount of more than 30%.

The kit works with a low-speed polisher or a variable-speed grinder set to low. Step-by-step instructions are included, so any DIY homeowner with basic skills will get professional results the first time. Use the Dia-Glo polishing compound to clean and polish the granite. The next day, reseal the granite with the Tenax Hydrex solution, and your granite surfaces will look like they were just installed.

If your granite has cracks or chips, use one of our Tenax chip repair kits for fantastic results. Tenax tint is available for matching the shade of your granite.

Take the hassle out of granite polishing, and have the satisfaction of doing it yourself. It’s effective and easy with the Dia-Glo Dark Granite Complete Repolishing and Sealing Kit.

Note: This product is labeled as a hazardous material. Additional shipping fees will be charged if it is shipped outside the continental US or if shipped by a means other than UPS Ground. We’ll notify you of additional fees for your approval before shipping.

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