Repolishing and Sealing Kit – Light Granite



Bring the high-gloss shine back to worn granite with a kit designed for successful DIY use. The Dia-Glo Light Granite Complete Repolishing and Sealing Kit is specially formulated for lighter shades of granite. Tenax makes a kit for darker granite too. The kits are an ideal choice for granite slabs and tiles and work effectively on countertops and floors.

When your granite looks dull and worn from wear, it can be rejuvenated in just a few hours with the Dia-Glo Light Granite Repolishing and Sealing Kit. Here’s what is included:

  • 1 qt. Dia-Glo polishing compound formulated for light granite
  • 1 3-inch dense felt wheel with hook & loop design
  • 1 3-inch rigid pad backer
  • .25-liter Tenax Hydrex sealer
  • 1 “Fabricating Stone for the Do-It-Yourselfer” DVD

This kit would cost more than $100, if each product were purchased separately. We’re pleased to offer it at a significant discount.

Choose a low-speed polisher or grinder set to low to polish the granite. The included DVD and step-by-step instructions will help you achieve professional-looking results the first time.

Remove the worn surface and bring back the shine using the Dia-Glo polishing compound. The following day, seal your granite surfaces with the Tenax Hydrex sealer that protects against stains and scratches.

For chips and cracks, see our selection of chip kits for granite. Tenax coloring tints are available in ten colors to help you blend an exact color match for your stone.

Get expert results and save money while doing it yourself. The Dia-Glo Light Granite Complete Repolishing and Sealing Kit is all you need!

Note: This product is labeled as a hazardous material. Additional shipping fees will be charged if it is shipped outside the continental US or if shipped by a means other than UPS Ground. We’ll notify you of additional fees for your approval before shipping.

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