Wipe-n-Seal DIY Granite Sealer (Step 1 & 2)


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The Wipe-n-Seal packet system is a revolutionary, new, single use, professional sealing system for granite and glass. This product is perfect for homeowners and DIYers! No need to spend hundreds of dollars on quarts of sealer that will succumb to the dreaded shelf life and have to be thrown away. This two-step sealing system is all you need.

The surface must be thoroughly cleaned to remove oils, residues, and other debris. Thinly apply Step 1 to a clean, dust free surface. Immediately apply step 2 more liberally than step 1. Then clean with Repellent Wash or EasyOxy.

Maintain with your favorite among these cleaners: Repellent Wash, EasyOxy, or Crystal Clean.

*Please note - Some very porous granites must be sealed first with an impregnator so the Wipe-n-Seal does not penetrate too far into the stone. To Pre-Seal your granite surfaces use: Stonepro, Ultimate Pro Sealer.

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