Bullnosing Tile Like The Pros – DVD


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The one aspect of tiling that scares off DIYers is bullnosing. The Bullnosing Tile Like the Pros DVD is all you need to learn this trick of the trade, and you’ll be installing your granite or marble tile with professional results.

Produced by one of the industry’s top manufacturers, DeFusco Industrial Supply, “Bullnosing Tile Like the Pros” is 90 minutes long. It offers complete instructions from the pros. You’ll learn to bullnose and polish the edges of granite, marble and travertine tile. Two techniques are demonstrated: Using a grinder and a router bit and using a tile saw fitted with a profile wheel. Finishing the edge to match the face of the tiles is explained and demonstrated.

You’ll also get instruction on:

  • Polishing travertine
  • Polishing marble with a PVA wheel
  • Polishing granite with a diamond pad

Get expert results, save money and know the satisfaction of a job well done! It’s possible today with the “Bullnosing Tile Like the Pros” DVD.

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