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These DVDs are made by pros for contractors and DIY homeowners who want professional results. The Fabricating Stone Complete 3 DVD set is produced by DeFusco Industrial Supply, and industry leader.

This DVD package demonstrates everything you need for beautiful, long-lasting stone work that will beautify homes and commercial buildings. The step-by-step demonstrations eliminate the guesswork for you and shows you how to get results you or your client will be thrilled with.

Here’s an overview of each DVD in the set:

Volume 1: Profiling & Polishing

You’ll learn how to fabricate a piece of stone. The term “fabricate” means to work with, cut and add detail. This DVD demonstrates making contoured edges on stone and what tools you need for the work. Then next topic covered is stone polishing. It’s demonstrated in great detail, so you’ll soon know how to get a “factory” high-gloss gleam on your granite or marble. Finally, using re-rod to strengthen stone slabs while moving or installation is fully explained.

Volume 2: Undermount Sink

One of the toughest aspects of the job is made easy with clear, easy-to-follow instructions. The DVD shows you how to fabricate the stone to accommodate an oval undermount sink or a rectangular sink with rounded corners. Specific covered include:

  • Fabricating the sink hole
  • Drilling the spigot hole
  • Mounting the sink and adding support
  • Mounting the countertop to cabinets
  • Installing the backsplash

The final touch is a description of polishing and sealing the stone to keep it beautiful and stain-free.

Volume 3: Glues & Sealers

The third DVD in the set starts with instruction on making straight cuts on stone slabs using a circular saw. From there, you’ll learn:

  • How to laminate edges of the slab
  • How to glue seams like a pro
  • Structural and non-structural repair of cracks and chips
  • How to enhance polish
  • How to seal your stone properly

This 101-minute DVD covers both epoxy and polyester resin glues and demonstrates their use on granite. Two types of sealers are also discussed.

You don’t have to be a pro to get fantastic results! This DeFusco DVD set shows you how to fabricate, install and maintain your stone countertops with the satisfaction of doing it yourself.

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