Bullnosing Kit for Honed Travertine



This kit works with your variable speed grinder and contains everything needed to bullnose travertine tiles and to sand them smooth. This is not a polishing kit, but will sand the bullnosed surface to be ready for polishing. The package includes:

  • one # 7mm Diamond router bit
  • one # 4" diamond sanding surface  220 grit
  • one # 4" diamond sanding surface  400 grit
  • one # 4" diamond sanding surface  600 grit
  • one # 4" rubber backer

Includes the "Bullnosing Tile Like the Pros!” DVD You’ll learn to bullnose travertine tile like a professional with the instructional DVD and all the accessories required. The router bit cuts the edge, and the diamond sanding surfaces give you a progressively smoother finish to match the remaining tile. 

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Weight 5 lbs

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