Norton Ultra Grizzly Hogs Hair Pad 7-3/4 Inch Diameter


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The Ultra Grizzly Burnishing pads by Norton are great for buffing a polishing compound onto natural stone to get the stone to pop into an ultra high gloss finish! They can also be used for light scuff removal to renew that wet-look finish. Engineered with fibers that are durable enough to clean and use again, yet resilient enough to conform to the surface for better coverage. This pad is excellent for use on all stone surfaces for a variety of applications from burnishing to polishing, These pads help to prolong re-coating applications and maintain a high facility image. If you are using MB-20 granite polishing cream, Diaglo, Tenax Polishing compound, or any other polish then this is the pad of choice by restoration professional! Just stick it to a velcro faced backing pad and go to work!

  • A special blend of synthetic and natural hair fibers with the highest hair content for a more aggressive burnishing application.
  • Designed to quickly remove scratches and marks to leave floors glistening.
  • Pads 7-3/4" diameter

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